• for MIO

It’s all about the details. You have hear this sentence many times, but it’s still true. In the Acky collection the detail is all about the corner. The corner is important because it’s the meeting point of the construction and the meeting point of materials. The detail is all about making these meetings beautiful! More

  • TONO 
  • for Randers+Radius

Originiated from the SALA chair - but this one made from reused PET bottles More

  • Noir collection 
  • for Mexteam

If you want luxury and a classic furnitures Mexteam’s got it. The Noir collection is standing side by side with Finn Juhls most classic furnitures in China. More

  • T-chair 
  • for Kian

Why not be a little brave and try this chair. T-chair has a fantastic comfort, is functional and then a bit bold in it’s design. We are sure it will grow on you… More

  • Ocean Chair 
  • for Trip Trap

Trip Trap gained their position making nice historical furniture in teak wood. They used to talk about old wooden tall ships as references. in 1999 they wanted to set a new landmark for the company making some new furniture’s, where we somehow used the Americas Cup boats as references. They should use new materials as stainless steel and plastic materials.That became a big new group of furniture’s called OCEAN More

  • Etcetera, Sticks & Thirty Thirty 
  • for Mexteam

Wa`s Objects is a brand of three collections, Ectera, Stick and Thrity Thirty for modern living. You match, you mix, you build, you play you create the design for your own home… More

  • Ono 
  • for Quadro

ONO was our first tap design and entrance to one of the most fascinating rooms in the house. It was made for a group exhibition in Milano made by a good friend Paolo Paci back in the 90ties. It was an attempt to cut down to the essential, the archetype tap we all have in our memories. More

  • Fox 
  • for Labofa

Complex jobs like designing an office chair needs a good approach and clear mind. We have been drawing, testing, and working intensely with Fox for two years to create a highly qualified office chair that will meet the demanding requirements of ergonomics and design. Have a seat. More

  • Headquarter renovation 
  • for Nielsen & Nielsen Holding A/S

When redesigning the expression of their existing headquarter, the owners wanted to tell the story about their companies. Because of that, working with the facade has been based on showing a producing and innovative business. More

  • Unoform Flagshipstore 
  • for Unoform

Who wouldn't want a beautiful Unoform kitchen?! Unoform are known for their exclusive quality and functional design. We were asked to do the interior for their flagship store in Copenhagen - to bring live and attention to the very special shop space in an old historical building in the centre. More

  • Budino 
  • for Modo

When is a lamp actually a lamp? Budino will make you wonder about this question. If you cut to the core all you need is a bull, mounting and a wire. This was the starting point. More

  • Logo redesign 
  • for Ritzau

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. I sounds like a wedding, but it is actually the recipe of the redesigned logo for Ritzau. More

  • Regatta 
  • for Trip Trap

Can you imagine sitting in this chair viewing the ocean? We were asked to do a lounge series made in teak wood. This is what we came up with. More

  • Sala Chair 
  • for Randers+Radius

To make a comfortable and beautiful chair that can be used in almost every situation requires a lot from the construction, the material and most of all from the design. More