• Who we are
    We are a team of passionate people with
    strong opinions and love for great design.
    We work worldwide and tend to like the mix
    of different design traditions.
    We believe in combining brain and heart
    – function and aesthetics.

  • What we do
    We specialize in designing furniture and
    objects with an emphasis on the values of
    the brand. We juggle with everything from
    technical projects to fashionable living
    concepts, and work with a strategic approach,
    but it all starts with the power of imagination!

  • What we believe
    We believe that every design should tell
    a story, on its own and as part of a bigger
    context. Because a product is so much more
    than the product itself – it is about
    creativity, vision, culture, company values,
    the past, the present and the future.

  • How we work
    We are a part of your team. Working together
    requires communication, balancing expectations
    and trust to form interpersonal relationships
    and make magnificent products. Teamwork is
    imperative to create great results!

  • Our skills
    We have a long history of know-how and
    experience in advanced modelling, working
    with all kinds of materials and production
    methods. We structure and monitor our
    processes very carefully to ensure the
    result meets the expectations.

  • Why we do what we do
    Because we love what we do, and embraces
    the unknown. We are all very eager to
    constantly improve and refine our design,
    methods and processes to meet the
    constantly changing demands.
    It is the cradle of imagination!

  • Our roots
    Hans Thyge is a member of the National
    Danish Academy and the founder of our
    company. He is surrounded by a team of
    talented young designers and together
    we carry a truckload of tradition and
    breaking new designs.

  • Our culture
    We are open-minded - we simply need to be!
    Working with many nationalities and design
    expressions worldwide demands an attitude
    of openness. The mixture of different
    cultures and human beings is where
    new and exciting things happens.

  • Awards
    The studio has received numerous design
    awards through the years. Among these are
    the Red Dot Award, Försnäs prisen, the
    Wallpaper Design Award, Gold Idea Award,
    China Furniture Products Innovation Award,
    and China Furniture Original Design Award.