Beautiful curves...

Good design is not necessarily a matter of inventing new forms or surprising experiences. Good design is about relating to all senses, whether it is the feel and touch, nice forms for the eye, sense of material, the sound when sitting or maybe the details of craftsmanship, experience and history build into the object.

We have focused on creating a completely united form, where you do not see where the seat and the armrest meet, it is one floating unique form that has been the overall challenge. The Arena chair relates to the human body and the curve in the lumbar in order to create perfect mirror of the body in rest and as such it is a very sensual piece of furniture. The chair is fitted with wooden legs which contrast nicely to the matt plastic surface or thin metal legs which makes the animated form flow in the air. The upholster version almost give the design a hint of a crafted baseball glove or a nicely shaped saddle. It has slightly more body and combined with the free open flow in the form it makes a perfect soft and yet firm grip of your body.

Concept and chair design, Chair logo
The chair was launched at IMM Cologne 2018