Glass Universe

A bottle, a pair of glasses, a tube, a jar, a window, a glass eye, a vase.

We all use glass in many different ways and often in close contact with our senses. The keyword in the design of World of Glass is senses. We wanted to make an exhibition communicating to all senses. Guests can discover the many ways this fragile and yet hard material plays a part in our lives. They can actively involve as the room forms an interactive learning centre with a number of digital and physical elements, that explain some of the many exciting facts about glass and glassmaking. One of these elements is The Digital Glass Blower, which allows visitors to experience glassmaking hands on. Room of sense allows the visitor to play on glass, to hear the sound history of different glass objects, to form new patterns of glass mosaics and learn about glass icons, about production of glass and the relation between food and glass, among many other things. The exhibition combines the newest digital developments with a sensuous experience and a poetic design. The light setting and the videos are made in an artistic way making the experience of glass poetic. World of Glass is made in cooperation with Yoke Interaction Design and Officina Design in Italy. Come and see, touch, and try yourself!

Exhibition Concept, Art Direction and implementation
Opened in 2010