Behind the scenes of designing a chair

The exhibition showed the process of designing a chair from the very beginning to the final product.

The exhibition consisted of two rooms: The sketch room and the monochrome room. In the sketch room, Hans Thyge & Co. collaborated with the gifted international photographer Soren Larsen, of Aalborg, Denmark. He was born in Skagen and finds his great inspirations in the wild nature up at the tip of Jutland. For this exhibition, he has brought, through his photography, this wild and poetic universe into the "sketch room" as a very interesting comment to way we sketch and generate ideas. We extended the exhibition sketch room with the monochrome room and added professional light from our friends at SYNCRO event partner and sound from the theatre music composer Johannes Morch. As last time we so proud to be able to carry out the exhibition without official funding and only by the help of clients, suppliers and friends. A great thanks to all who helped contribute to this special event.

Chairs exhibition
Opened Winter 2013