Solid yet elegant…

Woodstock table system can be placed in your home and in the same time in a modern global office environment. We use elements from old tools, joining the aluminum together with the wooden column, like the hammer shaft on the hammerhead.

The materials are of big importance to the expression of Woodstock and it captures time and the sense of use. Materials that age over time tell the story about humans sitting around the table. We all recall old tables that are worn out on the edges or has scares in the surface. We like the sign of times. The tables are made in wood combined with molded aluminum. Soft and hard, precise and organic. Industrializing the product, we invented a system of joining the legs together in an intelligent way that allows us to use the same leg for many different tables. One leg, one system put together like a big puzzle. The table system is versatile and meets lots of different functions. Many new versions will find its way to the market in the future, details will be enriched, colors will change - classical design can always get a refreshment to meet different times.

Furniture design
The Woodstock table was launched in London 2017.