Sharp edges & soft curves…

Speaking out loud and frankly the T-chair will contribute to dialog and discussion. It will affect your emotion and this is a great part of design. The duality between the sharp design vs the soft curves are interesting.

This cheeky chair is made for the contract marked and can be used indoor as well as outdoor. T-chair is available as a normal chair and a bar chair version. A table has been developed as well with optional tabletops. All can be delivered in a color variations. The design has edge and will for sure attract attention! It’s lightness and stackable durability makes it easy to handle and very functional. It has a great comfort, the back rest embraces your back and the seat bends gently under your knees in a soft curve. T-chair is sharp in it’s design and yet it treats your body with gentle ergonomic curves.

Product design, shop in shop concept, fair stand, graphics, photo styling
Kian can manufacture all materials for their furnitures.