A foxy lady

When Labofa launches a new chair it is guaranteed that design and ergonomics has been on our minds. Combining high ergonomic functions, design, and a numerous of combinations, this foxy lady will tempt office users worldwide.

Labofa has always been known for the development of ergonomic office chairs - in particular the Ego chair which was a revolutionary product at the time. Ego was one of the best selling products in European office chair history. Fox is now replacing Ego with a newer and even better ergonomic technology. Fox can adapt to your body. The seat can tilt forward in several positions to open your sitting posture. The open posture will create a better blood circulation, which is good for your body and mind. The backrest can be adjusted in height by a mechanism that can easily slide up and down. The slide mechanism is also flexible and will follow and support your back in every position. In the design process we were extremely focused on designing an office chair with a more light and "educational" expression. The challenge for us was to simplify and adapt the necessary mechanisms and technique volumes within the design. Similar to all other products we have designed for Labofa, the shape of the back is very characteristic. The integrated sliding mechanism and the four aluminium arms are the sign of our bones in the human body. The thin vibrant backrest gives the chair a human and soft feminine character. It's a foxy lady.

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