When small twists make the story

We wanted the Groovy chair to maintain the sexy lively back part and then at the same time be as normal and iconic as any other nice shell chair. It was all about how we could twist one of the most told stories in the chair story.

In schools in Denmark they often hang up the chairs in special brackets under the tabletop in order to facilitate cleaning. Designers often want to make clean minimalist surfaces so the hole in the back was a big challenge. Next was the challenge to make a low cost chair that could suit canteens and class environments. Polypropylene was chosen as material. As we wanted to have the chair tested in the second most severe test group we needed big differences in thickness around the shell. All this went into long studies of how to make a distinct hole in the understated shell form. Decorative ribs on the front created an even more animated form in the form and the hole became a part of this second form. Further the thickness around the hole also was used as a subtle twist. Somehow working with the twist a nice simple chair emerged.

Product design
Groovy chair is made from 100% polypropylene.