Ray is introducing the flexible seat

The philosophy of the furniture is to make the students sit higher with an open sitting posture and to make them move while sitting, to stimulate blood circulation, and to keep the pelvis rotated correctly, and as a consequence having the right curvature on the back spine. Therefore Simon Dennehy invented the world patented flexible seat pan. It looks like a normal seat but the front of it bends down when the body is leaning forward to work at the desk. It very much simulates the position of sitting in a saddle.

Simon and his team made thoroughly research testing chairs and rigs with hundreds of school children in Ireland and collected physical data in order to verify his theories. The study was financed by Enterprice Ireland. We met Simon in Denmark and our sympathy for his work proposed us to develop a series of innovative school furniture with the Danish manufacturer Labofa. It took several years to design and set into production this ambitious project. Many severe technical obstacles were confronted during the process.

Chair design
Introduced in 2013