• InnovationLAB 
  • for Micro Matic A/S

One of the important visions at Micro Matic is to deliver innovative high quality products and new solutions to the global draught beer market. In order to meet that demand, they need to have a constant flow in engineering projects for new developments. More

  • BevMate 
  • for Micro Matic A/S

Setting new standards for the draft beer industry, BevMate innovates the way draft beer is brought from the keg to the glass.. More

  • Headquarter renovation 
  • for Nielsen & Nielsen Holding A/S

When redesigning the expression of their existing headquarter, the owners wanted to tell the story about their companies. Because of that, working with the facade has been based on showing a producing and innovative business. More

  • Testlab 
  • for Micro Matic A/S

When developing new products, you are experiencing new and unexplored areas. Because of that, testing is a very important part in the process. Micro Matic needed a new testing space for intern testing. More