The unique design is in the detail…

If you have a good idea for a detail you often have a new design. With all the products developed in the world you need nice details and a good story to promote your design.

Acky collection is build on an old traditional construction principle, where table top and cabinets are placed on a bearing apron system which is attached to four legs. The collection is a modern interpretation of an old classic construction carried out in the best craft traditions.The Acky design solves the archetype construction joining the legs and the aprons together by an elegant swept polished aluminium fitting. Combined with oak the collection stands out as a contemporary design. The collection consists so far of rectangular 6 round dining tables, sidebord, tv unit, desk and rectangular and round coffee tables.

Product design, interior, fair stand
The Acky collection are named after an intern from Ireland - Achmed - nickname Acky!