Greetings from the 50ties…

The design of the Miso collection started with the chair and the 50ties in mind. At that time the most common chairs often had a top rail which would continue into the legs. We made an modern interpretation of this archetype chair and developed it further into a modern collection.

The chairs has a dynamic design with side elevation in tight architectural look. The top rail can be used partly as an armrest. The table has a strict design and are stabilised with a piece of metal in each end which also gives the table a special detail and expression. The cabinets sit elegantly on plain structures inspired from old cabinet worker benches in a combination of wood and steel. The doors in the cabinets are made of bent sheet metal and slides without use of fittings on a piece of felt.

Product design, graphics
Miso collection was launched at the Shanghai Furniture fair 2015 with great success