Masculine power

The water tap spouts out a small blanket of water in the rectangular formed tap in this series called Ocean. The design idea was to create several functions split up into single pallets. The pallets you can place in your wall randomly to compose your own function structure.

It's a challenge to design a watertap - there are many very specific requirement's that needs to be fulfilled, the cleaning problematic, the water passage, durability etc. But the strict specifications can also create a different design process. In this case it led to the idea of separating the functions into several palettes where it is possible to pick more or less functions and place them where you want. The handle is a significant element in the collection it's made in the material POM and has a soft tactile felling. It is formed like the handle on a motorbike. Together with the stainless steel it gives the collection a tough masculine look and feel.

Product design
Stainless steel is a sustainable product