Ono - the first one

It started with a prototype for an exhibition. The ONO tap was published widely and suddenly we were in contact with a small Italian family tap manufacturer Magistro. They wanted to make a new brand of taps.

Entering the world of taps was also to discover that there are so many limits and things to learn in order to design a good tap. Taps need to attract and than they need to work in one of the most difficult environments in the world. Water is a very aggressive liquid, which many people do not think. Partly because of this and as the new company brand Quadro wanted to have a more green profile we started to make all the taps in stainless steel, which did not make the design task easier. Now many years later we have made several series of tap for the small niche company Quadro. We developed the name, logo, fair stands and in a lot of other means been close to the family in the long process of building up a new brand. Quite a nice story.

Product design
Quadro is family is owned by 2 generation