Bring out the best Mood

The Mood collection is based on an animated design and fine details, which together help to make Mood unique. The beautifully shaped seat plays on subtle references to the human body. The chair has a feminine and light expression and built-in ergonomics that ooze comfort when sitting. It has a continuously curved shape with rounded edges, which brings a soft and a human look to it. The dotted surface adds tactility and gives a fashionable and textile feel. Together with the matt surface it underlines the understated and elegant look that the chair contains, which will ensure that chair has the quality of being long lasting. The MOOD chair has a very distinctive backrest that meets your lumbar and gently makes sure that you are sitting with an upright posture. The dotted texture prevents you from sliding forward on the seat. In working positions towards a table the slight waterfall on the seat create an open angle between upper body and legs, which also assures better blood transfusion when sitting over longer period. Together these elements create a nice ergonomic comfort on the MOOD chair. The Mood chair series consists of six models, each with their own qualities, yet which still fit into the collection as a whole. The many chassis, shell, colour, and upholstery combinations make Mood an extremely versatile chair that allows for a variety of expressions, making it an ideal component of most modern interiors.

Furniture design, brochure, fair stand design
R.Randers and Radius became Randers + Radius in 2013.