Iconic tree

Simplify the most iconic form you can imagine. One circle as a trunk form swiped into two round branches. That is the iconic form that children makes when drawing a three.

The form where it runs from the trunk into the branches were made into an aluminium moulded form. A round form running into 2 thinner rounder forms sounds easy, but we styled and shaped on this for a long time. Secondly it was hard to create enough stability in the thin arms which could hold a table, so inner strength were built into the fitting combining the fastening principle holding the legs. The table system ended up being a multi flexible system ranging from simple canteen tables, foldable tables to exclusive meeting tables. The polished aluminium fitting and the painted metal legs allows to compose a big variety of expressions. An attachment principle from the bicycle technology was also used to fasten the aluminium fitting to the centre column.

Product design
R. Randers & Radius was united in 2013