Creating a social environment

How can we create a better environment for our students? This was the question of the headmaster of Silkeborg Business College. The best answer to this question would come from the students them selves.

The headmaster of Silkeborg Business College Torben Jessen asked us to analyze and make a workshop with a group of teachers and students in order to start up the work on improving the environment for the students. Especially with two different schools under same roof and the fact that the school is located near cafes and other social institutions in the center of the town made the students hardly use the common spaces in the building. Together with the users we made up a plan for some more visually inspiring and involving spaces and cafes in the building. Torben Jessen says: "We have made a bigger investigation among the students on the quality of the social life and here our cafes and our renovated corridor and waiting areas, is complimented with many SUPERB words. We have moved heavily on the aesthetic field, which we do benchmark on. There is no doubt that we need to carry the plan further, both indoor and outdoor".

Architecture, interior and graphic design.
Silkeborg Business College has 1100 students