A lobsters nest

Choosing the right kitchen should be an informative and inspirational experience. This was the basic idea for Unoforms flagship store in Copenhagen. The 30m long narrow store was quite a challenge...

When we first saw the long Unoform facade facing the lakes surrounding the city centre, we immediately thought that the windows should be used for eye-catching graphics. We placed illustrations showing kitchen tools, vegetables, fish and a lobster. This was to create curiosity and to tell the story around the kitchen. The initial idea for the interior was to create a spectacular entrance to welcome the costumer. This area should also separate the long room in two sections to make the store visual shorter. The entrance were made a little higher and surrounded with glass. The wall behind the counter was made in green leaves. The kitchen exhibition area were made in zones to create environments around the different design series. The ceiling were lowered with build in spot to create the right illumination. In few areas big special designed lamps by Hans Thyge & Co are placed to create both an intimate environment and big structures that interacts with the architecture in the rooms.

Interior design, 3D visualizations, Window graphics