• Testlab 
  • for Micro Matic A/S

When developing new products, you are experiencing new and unexplored areas. Because of that, testing is a very important part in the process. Micro Matic needed a new testing space for intern testing. More

  • Groovy Chair 
  • for Labofa

Groovy was one of the most difficult to design of all the nearly 100 chairs we have designed. Go ahead and design a fantastic chair, with good ergonomics, and a simple shell form... and then it needs a hole in the backrest for people to be able to carry it, we were told. More

  • Ottavo 
  • for Quadro

Ottavo means the number 8 in Italian. The base of this water tap has the section of the number. Inside this organic and beautiful form the complex functions of a water tap are placed. More

  • MOOD 
  • for Randers+Radius

Good design appeals to our emotions, awakening a strong, positive feeling from within. Mood is not only easy on the eye – it speaks to our senses and makes us feel good through and through. More

  • Hexagon 
  • for Designbite

The Hexagon collection provides the customers with multiple possibilities for a unique and modern look. More

  • Nordic 
  • for Trip Trap

In old times in Denmark, people often made their garden furniture themselves and out of planks and boards. They were bolted together with visible bolts and mostly painted white to enlarge the lifespan as they were made of poor quality wood. This is furniture that evoke memories and that had long time been our dream to make a collection that would be a tribute to this. More

  • Frame 
  • for Designbite

A collection panels to mount different functions on - storage boxes, shelves, mirrors and hooks. More

  • Interior design 
  • for Silkeborg Business College

The space and interior we are surrounded by affect the way we behave, the way we feel and the way we interact with other people. In this project we were asked to help design the interior for a school that could stimulate and improve the social environment. More

  • Sala Chair 
  • for Randers+Radius

To make a comfortable and beautiful chair that can be used in almost every situation requires a lot from the construction, the material and most of all from the design. More

  • Housedesign 
  • for Fam. Raunkjaer

Every designers dream or worst nightmare is to design his own dreamhouse. This ended up as a dream come true. More

  • Tweet 
  • for Labofa

Tweet is More

  • BevMate 
  • for Micro Matic A/S

Setting new standards for the draft beer industry, BevMate innovates the way draft beer is brought from the keg to the glass.. More

  • Solo 
  • for Randers+Radius

The solo stands alone, but actually it's arising from the big Sala chair family... More

  • Ocean Chair 
  • for Trip Trap

Trip Trap gained their position making nice historical furniture in teak wood. They used to talk about old wooden tall ships as references. in 1999 they wanted to set a new landmark for the company making some new furniture’s, where we somehow used the Americas Cup boats as references. They should use new materials as stainless steel and plastic materials.That became a big new group of furniture’s called OCEAN More

  • Unoform Flagshipstore 
  • for Unoform

Who wouldn't want a beautiful Unoform kitchen?! Unoform are known for their exclusive quality and functional design. We were asked to do the interior for their flagship store in Copenhagen - to bring live and attention to the very special shop space in an old historical building in the centre. More

  • Eva 
  • for Modo

A lamp only works when the shape and materials fits together in the right way, when light and shadows compliments each other... More

  • Regatta 
  • for Trip Trap

Can you imagine sitting in this chair viewing the ocean? We were asked to do a lounge series made in teak wood. This is what we came up with. More

  • Headquarter renovation 
  • for Nielsen & Nielsen Holding A/S

When redesigning the expression of their existing headquarter, the owners wanted to tell the story about their companies. Because of that, working with the facade has been based on showing a producing and innovative business. More

  • DQ brochure 
  • for Labofa

Often nice architecture is fitted by poor interiors and furniture and opposite.The DQ brochure is about, when both architecture and furniture has character More

  • Forum table 
  • for Andersen Furniture

Text on the way… More

  • Ray Chair 
  • for Labofa

Ray is a school furniture collection based on an innovative new ergonomic system build on a long and serious research of Irish PhD designer Simon Dennehy. We met Simon when he visited Denmark many years ago with Professor Gearoid Conhubair from National College of Art in Dublin. From there it took off.---- More